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Start collecting offers on your home in under 5 minutes & search the largest selection of homes anywhere.

no commissions.

no, really.

By allowing people to buy and sell homes directly from each other, we're able to eliminate expensive commissions and save you thousands. After you've agreed to an offer, you'll have the choice to proceed for free with no support, have otto manage your transaction for a small fee, or use a real estate agent at a discounted rate - all engineered for you to get the ideal experience at the best price.

Sale Price:


Traditional 5% Commission


OTTO / No Commission



Total Savings with OTTO:


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real-time offers

between real people

When you find a home you love, you should be able to make an offer instantly. With OTTO, there’s no complicated paperwork, delays, or negotiations when making an offer. Just a simple experience that gets your offer in the hands of a potential seller quickly. 

This is real estate on your terms.

buy & sell on

your terms

Let go of the pressure, commitment, and anxiety that come with the traditional real estate process. 

On OTTO, buyers and sellers can work at their own pace on their own schedule. 

Search any home in your target area while collecting offers on your current home. Review the homes you like, or read what people are saying about your own home. Once you’re ready, request a tour or make an offer instantly.

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more homes to

fit your search

Since OTTO only asks homeowners to be open to the offer and not heavily committed to selling, and aggregates other listings from around the web, we're able to showcase more purchasable homes than any other real estate site. 

The more homes you have to choose from, the higher the likelihood that you find a home that checks all the boxes.

Let's Change Real Estate Together

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