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Check your home's value & see if selling makes sense.

Track your home's value & equity from top providers. If you like what you see, you can list your home confidentially for free.


No salespeople. No commissions. No showings required.

say goodbye
to commissions

OTTO makes selling your home easy, convenient, and affordable. Most homeowners see their first offer within a couple weeks of listing their home, and never pay a dime in commission.

Say Goodbye to Commissions Image.png

take your time
or sell quickly

OTTO is the first platform that allows homeowners to list their home publicly and collect offers without any commitment or hassle. Decline the offers you don't want and wait for the perfect offer at the perfect price.

Looking to sell your home quickly? We have a range of premium plans that get you more airtime, more intel, and more offers - all for one low monthly cost.

showings: optional

We get it - showings are inconvenient. So we decided to give homeowners the choice of how they'd like to handle showings.


If you're actively looking to sell your home, enabling in person showings can be a big selling point. If you want to minimize your work while still collecting offers, you can choose virtual-only showings or even disable showings altogether. Just remember, inspections are still mandatory.

get top dollar for your home without paying top dollar for an agent.

Eliminate expensive commissions and sell at your own pace.

earn "top rated
property" status

Your home is someone else's dream home. Each quarter, OTTO recognizes the homes with the best reviews in each area and price bracket  as a "Top Rated Property".

Earn Top Rate Property Status.png

Make the decision to sell with offers in hand

In the typical real estate process, homeowners have to make the decision to sell their home, sign a contract, and commit to showings before they even know what buyers would offer for their home.

OTTO modernizes the real estate process by making it easy to register your property and collect offers with no hassle or commitment. The decision to sell your home only comes once you have a compelling set of offers from qualified buyers that are worth your time.

Your home is your biggest investment. See what yours is worth.

Secure, private, and confidential

When you register your property on OTTO, you are given a range of settings you can enable to protect your time and privacy.

All listings on OTTO keep the homeowner's contact information private, eliminating spam and tire kickers. Homeowners can also choose whether they'd like to allow buyers to message them pre-offer, whether they'd allow showings, and even whether they'd like to share their property address.

Your home is personal. OTTO keeps it secure.

Let's Change Real Estate Together

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