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3-5% of your clients are in the market right now. Do you know who they are?

Turn your database into closed loans & referrals.

OTTO engages your clients and tells you when they're ready to buy, sell, or refinance so you can close more deals & build better relationships.

Increase Loyalty & Intent

Portfolio Protection

Monitor Behavior & Intervene

In-Market Monitoring

Refer Deals to Agents

Early Alerts & Sharing

Find New Deals

Sponsor Realtor Contacts

Start closing more deals

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Engage 80% of your clients every month with personalized home value reports

OTTO's home value reports prompt clients to view their home as an investment, increasing their propensity to transact.

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Refer more deals to agents & capitalize on their databases

"I wish I had less deals to give my agents"

     - No loan officer, ever

With OTTO's proactive in-market alerts, you get to the client first and can refer them anywhere you want.

OTTO gives you a steady stream of clients every day that you can use to build new agent relationships or give as referrals to your most loyal agents.

You can also invite agents to add their database, co-branded and sponsored by you. Since you're the one paying, you get the alerts first - and can look like a hero when you refer that deal back to the agent.

See how OTTO helps top producing loan officers create...

Deeper Relationships.

Better Retention.

Higher Commissions.

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Keep track of buyer search & sale behavior

OTTO partners with top home search sites to monitor your clients for in-market search & listing activity.

When your clients search frequently, save homes, start making offers, or list their home anywhere on the web, Milo will flag the action and send that customer for review the next day.

Milo is often able to detect that a customer is back in the market before they even contact an agent, giving you coveted opportunities to refer listings & buyers to your top referral partners.

Monitor in-market shopping signals across

more than 2,000

mortgage & real estate sites

OTTO scans over 2,000 of the top mortgage & real estate websites to identify when your clients inquire about a pre-approval, refinance, or HELOC anywhere online.

Spend more time in the field with the confidence that your leads, pre-approvals, and past clients are in safe hands. OTTO helps you save deals and proactively identifies early-stage shopping behaviors, playing defense and offense at the same time.

Clients typically close 1-2 loans per month per 1,000 clients.

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What would you say each month if you knew 80% of your clients would see it?

Forget expensive ads and marketing services - OTTO puts your message in front of each customer in your database naturally.

OTTO is the highest visibility marketing channel loan officers have.

Embed a video or newsletter in your client's OTTO report email to tout new product releases, customer stories, market changes & any news you want your clients to see - all included in your monthly OTTO subscription.

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Transparent Pricing

Add 1-2 loans each month to your pipeline & send more referrals to your agents


includes 500 contacts (+$25/100 addt'l)

Engaging home report cards delivered to your clients each month.


Daily alerts on key customer engagements + predictive analytics


Monthly summaries & ROI reports



includes 500 contacts (+$50/100 addt'l)

Everything in Gold, plus...


LO & Realtor branding throughout entire site for clients.


Embeddable  videos & newsletters


Monitoring across OTTO's publisher network of over 2,000 of the top mortgage & real estate websites


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