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Welcome to Modern Real Estate

OTTO is solving the home inventory shortage by aggregating all MLS and FSBO listings from across the web, and combining it with our own inventory of homeowners who are open to offers on their home.

We're using this inventory to create the world's best experience for professionals. Take a look at what we have in store.

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Real Estate Agents

OTTO provides a seamless way to collaborate with buyers & increase retention


connect with your buyers (safely)

Invite your buyers effortlessly or connect with your buyers through OTTO. Once you connect, you'll unlock collaborative features.

Once that buyer chooses you, they will never be sold to another agent in our platform.


collaborate on their search

As your buyers explore OTTO, you'll get insights into their searches & saved homes. Collaborate in real time by commenting on homes or saving homes/searches for review.


offer & close

Make an offer to the homeowner or listing agent directly through OTTO. Choose a light offer or fully executed contract - all online.

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Collaborate on Searches 

See your clients' searches, save homes with them, rate and comment on saved homes - all in  one place.

Buyers on OTTO are encouraged to save homes to boards, and invite partners, friends, family, or professionals to collaborate on those boards. 

When your buyers browse on OTTO, their recent searches, saved homes, and ratings are automatically synced to a shared board that keeps you in the loop. 

You can even save properties, suggest searches, rate homes, and make comments for your buyers to see. 

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Converting unrepresented buyers & sellers

* These opportunities will be rolled out on a first come first served basis. To increase your chances of acceptance, join our wait list.

Dual Representation

A listing agent's dream

If an unrepresented buyer makes an offer on a property listed by an agent, we give the listing agent a summary of the offer and allow them to represent the buyer if the offer is accepted. 

These leads are offered completely free.

Listing Upsells

Perfect for top producing agents

If a home sits dormant on OTTO for over 30 days without an accepted offer, we reach out to the homeowner and recommend that they use an agent.

If the homeowner accepts, we instantly connect them with a top agent.

After-Offer Support

Perfect for new & junior agents

If a buyer or seller agrees to an offer without being represented by an agent, we upsell them to use an agent at a discounted rate.

This gives newer agents a hands-on way to learn & train while still earning income.

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Real time alerts for you & your buyers

When your buyers search for homes, they'll get daily updates about new properties that fit their previous searches, and will get real time alerts about offer activity on homes they've saved. 

As an agent, you'll get batched alerts every day - so you know exactly what's going on with each buyer's search.

Improve closed client retention

Engage your closed clients with monthly home value updates & get real time alerts when they're back in market



Share your client database

We'll use the information in your database to match the customer to an OTTO user and personalize the updates.



Claim exclusivity send updates

Once a client is uploaded, they are tagged exclusively to you and your loan officer. We'll brand you each month as we send their updates.


Get alerts when clients are in market

As the client engages on OTTO by checking their home value, adding their property, searching for homes, or making offers, we relay that information back to you in real time.

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