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Actionable & Specific Alerts to Maximize Your Time, Energy, and ROI

Each client is monitored for over 15 behavioral signals that indicate intent to buy, sell, or refinance so you can call or refer the client with confidence.

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Behavioral Triggers

  • Home Listed on OTTO

  • Listed with Agent

  • Home Added to Tracking (new property)

  • Invited Friend

  • Clicked "Unlock Equity"

  • Clicked "Contact Now" on your LO Banner

  • Actively Searching (10+ within a week)

  • Saved Home

  • Requested Tour/Showing

  • Requested to be Connected with Agent

  • Added Payment Source

  • Made Offer

  • Added/Tagged Agent

  • Requested Mortgage Analysis

  • Requested Refinance

  • Requested HELOC

  • Clicked "Apply Now" Button

  • Sold Home

  • Refinanced Home

  • New Address Detected

Predictive Alerts

  • Massive Equity Gains

  • PMI Elimination Opportunity

  • Rate/Payment Reduction Possible

  • Loan Anniversary

  • Birthday

  • ARM Adjustment

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Premium Insights

Stop trying to predict intent. Get real time alerts & CRM updates when your clients are back in market.

  • Likely to Move/List

  • Likely to Buy

  • Inquired Elsewhere

  • Searching Other Sites

  • Got Married

  • Got Divorced

  • High Revolving Debt

  • Tax Lein Present

Transparent Pricing

Affordable plans to help you retain more customers and drive more business

Lock in your plan before November 30th to for huge discounts!

$0.25 per client

no contract, charged monthly

Engaging home report cards delivered to your clients each month.


Daily alerts on key customer engagements + predictive analytics


Monthly summaries & ROI reports


$0.375 per client

no contract, charged monthly

Everything in Gold, plus...


LO & Realtor branding throughout entire site for clients.


Predictive Listing Analytics


Automated outreach on alerts & forwarding to agents


$0.50 per client

no contract, charged monthly

Everything in Platinum, plus...


AI & engagement alerts from top mortgage & real estate sites


Consistent personalized email outreach to clients to drive replies 


Ad campaigns to brand & re-engage clients on Facebook and Google

Ability to monitor leads & active pipeline

Full Service

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